Bhanu Driving school

Learners Course

Learners Course

4 Days Theory Course

Theory 1: Vehicles Controls & Mechanism.

Theory 2: Road Signs and rules of the road.

Theory 3: Accidents driving in different conditions.

Theory 4: Law and Driving

Technical Awareness

Engine: Understanding the type of engine (e.g., gasoline, diesel, electric, hybrid), its displacement, and its basic working principles (combustion, electric motors, etc.).

Transmission: Knowing the type of transmission (e.g., manual, automatic, CVT) and how it functions to transfer power from the engine to the wheels.

Brakes: Familiarity with the brake system, including disc brakes and drum brakes, and knowledge of how the braking process works

Simulator - 5 Days

1st Simulator: –

Class 1: Moving off stopping gear changing.

Class2: Steering Control.

Class 3: Road Practice in day light – 30 minutes.

Class 4: Night Driving – 30 minutes.

Class 5: Rain and fog effect (Different conditions).

Vehicle Demo: – Minor Mechanism Class (How to use the tools in car).

Practical Training Vehicle

10 Days Road Practical

Inside the Car: 1 Trainee and 1 Instructor.

3 Parts: Low, Medium, High.

4 Days: Low Traffic.

3 Days: Medium Traffic.

3 Days: High Traffic

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